DOWN LOW - A ponytail is always the way to go, specially when your hair is on another wave length and is not going to abide by your rules. This fall though, we are going down low because the new low ponytail with hair twist is a definite must. Just follow the leader Prada’s and Dior’s directions and you’re good to go! 

BANG IT UP - This is definitely my fav trend. Probably because my dearest sister wants nothing else more in this world than bangs… and yet bangs do not reciprocate her love. Every time she takes the plunge into the wonderful world of bangs, she always regrets it as somehow it doesn’t suit her beautiful face. And every time she vows to never try this trend again, only to forget this vow 5 seconds later, and then repeat the whole process again within a few months. This has been going on for years now… And somehow it never gets old. 

So to conclude, if you have a bangs-face, be sure to adopt this hair-trend this fall as it’s boho, stylish, sexy and very awesome.

DIVIDE AND CONQUER - I have been dividing my hair now for years and finally it’s back on trend! Pfeeeew. So, to add instant style, be feminine, and look sexy… do a deep side part and keep it simple. To transform your hair from day to party-proof, slick to the crown with a bit of pomade.



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