Yesterday I had the pleasure to witness the launch of Makeup Genius, the mother of all beauty apps, if you ask me. I was literally blown away by this app created by L’Oréal, which allows you to try on makeup without actually trying on makeup. Confused? No need to be, it’s really very simple. 

You take a selfie using the front-facing camera on your iPhone and the app’s technology reads everything, from your face shape to your expressions. You then choose different eyeliners, blushes and lipsticks, and apply them digitally on your own face in real time, watching the makeup you put on move as your face does! Yours truly has tried and tested the app and is literally in awe. See below the result in pictures.

The app took over 10 years to develop and is based on the same technology that transformed Brad Pitt in The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, which won Oscars for both makeup and visual effects. Now, how cool is that? You can download the app here!


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