If you’re like me, you have spent quite some hours staring at the ingredients list on some cosmetic product, like a deer in headlights. All whilst pretending you know exactly what you are doing, and of course politely answering no when the sales woman asks if you need any help. Of course.

Well, no more I tell you! Let’s have a quick pow wow over the two most common organic blabla, so we can finally say no thank you without looking like a confused idiot. Let’s begin with the magical words “cold pressed”. I myself imagine cold pressed oils as oils being sandwiched between two delicious ice packs. But I’m guessing I’m a bit far off…

Cold pressed oils, like the wonder oils from Odacité are produced at much lower temperatures compared to botanical oils. Botanical oils are produced by grinding fruit stones, nuts, or kernels. As this process is quite easy, it can be done on a larger scale.

Oils that are cold pressed will never reach a temperature above 49º during the extraction process, and are therefore labeled as cold pressed. This does imply though, that this level of extraction cannot be done on a large scale. The upside is that with this extraction process, the full intensity and efficacy of the oil and also its value is preserved. 

Biodynamism is certainly not a device with which you can blow things up. Although it kind off sounds like it, trust me it isn’t. It’s all about the lunar cycle and our magical friend, the moon. Ingredients are grown and harvested in accordance with the phases of the moon. Now don’t go all spherical here and grab your harry potter glasses because you’re going to predict my future in your globe. Just don’t.

The water level within plants alters depending on the moon. When the moon is in the ascendent sap levels in plants rise, and when it’s in the descendent vitality is beaming at the roots. Therefore, when the moon is in it’s ascendent vibe it’s the best time to seed your planties, and make sure to harvest when the moon is in the descendent. 

Don’t you feel smarter already? I sure do…



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