Wouldn’t it be great if you could just beam yourself up and teleport yourself to this lovely place? You can just smell the tobacco leaves, vibrantly colored plants and the tropical scents of coconut, spicy peppermints, succulent vanilla and smoked woods…..

The epiphany of boho chic luxury and our bucket list favorite: the Coqui Coqui experience in Mexico. Think never ending coconut trees, white sandy beaches, the Carribean sea & jungle mixed with super stylish hotels, a divine spa and ‘omg, I just died and went to perfume heaven’ Perfumeria. This A-lister and fashion packs favorite is run by an uberstylish couple for over a decade now. The Coqui Coqui Empire includes two Perfumerias in Valladolid and Merida and four hotels & spas in Valladolid, Coba, Merida and Izamal (two more are scheduled to open in 2017 in Bora Bora and Polynesia).



If you’re unable to fly out to this peace of heaven any time soon (cause you’re a mere mortal, broke, busy and preoccupied with life in general) you could also treat yourself with some Coqui Coqui goodies we’ve imported for you straight out of Yucatan Mexico. The perfumes are unisex and all handmade in a small lab in the mythical town of Valladolid. And oh, they're all too delicious to handle. You’re welcome!

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