A little DIY goes a long way… You got to put some effort in it, but when done well you’ll feel like batman and you’re wallet will be your robin. Because we’re living in a depressive recession, our wallets are showing signs of anorexia, and the kick of saving money is always a rush… we will show you a great, minimal and awesome DIY every month! And ok, I love arts & crafts, so maybe I’m doing this all for myself but let’s not talk about that now.

We’re kicking off January with a very stylish and easy DIY. You will need the following:

# Rubber or plastic figurines. I bought mine here

# Spray paint

# Cardboard

# Patience

The most difficult part of this DIY for me was finding the right gold colored spray paint. Somehow in Holland 99% of the available gold spray paint turns out brownish, ugly or a weird kind of copper. After days of searching and spraying I found the best color gold at the Hema. Mind you, you can only buy it in the store (not online), and they sell out very quickly. 

After you’ve tackled a few old grannies and some stay at home moms in the Hema, lay your cardboard on the ground outside (don’t do this in the house cause the paint smell will give you a headache). Don’t use plastic instead of cardboard because the plastic will always stick to whatever you’re spray painting, which will leave an ugly finish at the bottom. I used a big shipping box which I had laying around. If you have a box which is intact, I definitely recommend using that as you will limit the spray paint from floating around and painting everything around you. So leave the box intact, just open it and tape the flaps to the side.

Now place your animal figurines in the box and start spraying. Be sure to spray approximately 20-30 cm from your figurines, otherwise you’ll end up with paint drips. Let it dry, turn the figurines around and spray the back. Do the same with the bottom.

Once you’re done, let the figurines dry for a good 24 hours before using them as decoration. I myself am obsessed with gold and green so I would style them together with fresh flowers, a cactus or some other green plant. Once you’re bored with the color, just buy a new color of spray paint and spray them again. Voila!

PS. Next month I’ll show you how to transform your old and boring (dining) table into a stylish, metal, minimal pièce de résistance. Stay tuned!


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