Geometry at school… very boring. Geometry in fashion… oeh la la! Mix it up with some bold color blocking and this mix is hot like a spicy taco flavoured burrito! Take some cues from our old pals Loewe, Balmain and Christopher Kane, and you’ll shine bright like a diamond.


A little romance is all we ever need. Be it in life, love or in fashion, romance always gives us that cheesy, but always needed mmmmmm-butterfly-feeling in our stomach and heart. So deal with the cheesiness, accept the romantic vibes hitting you this fall, and enjoy it. On the upside… this fall’s romantic vibes are represented by the neutral colours and my all time favourite color - black. So just do like Altuzarra, Michael Kors, and Valentino and rock the romantic-vibe.


Navy blue is maybe the prettiest colour of all. Even though I’m smitten with black, I love to cheat on my beloved with his cousin navy. And the best of all? When you combine the two. Ah, dipping in both is the best ever! Yes, I am very pleased to tell you that this fall the navy is again a muse for the fashion industry. So get your pea coats, breton stripes, gold buttons and everything blue out of the closet and wear it with pride just like Michael Kors, Lanvin, and Hermes.



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