It has been four years since mister Galliano said some not-so-nice things and left Dior, but the man is back! Yay! His first show for the house of Margiela (I’m still shocked about this combo too, don’t worry), was a very intimate one for just a hundred guests, and took place in London this week.

Did I just see someone tweet #margielamonday? Okay, even though the combination sounded weird at first, I can’t deny that I have been waiting for the couture show ever since the announcement was there. And hell no, he did not disappoint!

Showing a women’s couture collection at men’s fashion week is one thing, but opening with Shirley Basseys ‘Big Spender’ is another (directed to your oh-so-wealthy clients, John?). And the clothes? They were a more, minimalistic version of the designer we know from Dior.

A combination of the two personalities allows a lot of humour and creativity, and I love it! Yet, the designs weren’t the only things that were toned down. Mister Galliano himself walked the catwalk in a Margiela lab-coat and thanked the crowd with a simple nod. I think this means the astronaut costumes are gone forever…

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