I don’t even know where or how to begin to describe the warm feeling of bliss, happiness and chocolate-strawberry fountains, when we discovered and tested our newest beauty brand Grown Alchemist

Not only is this covetable brand from Australia (apparently we are hooked on Australian brands), it also looks too stylish for my bathroom (but where to put it then?!), smells heavenly, and is actually a wonder for your skin.

Grown Alchemist skincare is blissfully free from harmful chemicals and preservatives. Finally we have found a really good skincare brand which is fully organic, yet very effective. 


Their philosophy is based on using organic ingredients (grown, not manufactured — get it?), and their products are 100% ACO (Australian Certified Organic), fight free radicals that are responsible for ageing, and are full of rich, organic, antioxidant ingredients. These organic ingredients are furthermore richer in antioxidants, vitamins, mineral salts, and essential fatty & amino acids, which are all crucial for skin-cell function and repair. 

By now you probably know that we only sell products in our concept store and online via miuse.nl, which are eco-friendly and (very important!) tested by ourselves. And really, we pinky swear that this will be your new go-to brand for beautiful skin. #awesomeskin #youhavetotrythisyourself 


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