We all love to follow people on Instagram and envy their seemingly perfect life. Beautiful trips to tropical destinations, trim bikini bodies, spontaneous smiles, even their coffee is always served stylish on marble undergrounds and with a perfect leaf in the foam. But what we don’t see, is that behind every one of those perfect pictures, there was a long journey of posing that body exactly in the right angle, styling that coffee long enough to let it go cold before drinking it, and bossing around the ‘Instagram husband’ behind the camera. Yes, Instagram husbands are a thing. They are the ones having to climb stairs to capture your perfect ‘looking up’ moment, and the ones that have to wait eating their meal because you have to Instagram it first. In honor of these poor dudes, a hilarious short film was made parodying the tough life of Instagram husbands. Enjoy, and maybe let it inspire you to have a special moment with your man once in a while without making it into an Instagram post.

PICTURE CREDITS_hetparool.nl, pinterest.com


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