For as long as I can remember I have been dreaming about going to New York/Paris/Milan/London Fashion Week. With NYFW going on as we speak, I get awfully reminded that this year, my mailbox wasn’t flooded with invites (YET!!!). But luckily because of Instagram and all amazing fashion website’s you are still able to get a tiny look inside the life of the fashion elite. If you are just like me you probably aren’t fulfilled with that few weeks a year, but don’t worry cause I have the answer; documentaries. 

The word documentary has me fall asleep instantly but not with these extremely exiting and inspiring few of my faves: 

The September Issue 

This documentary (A.K.A. the real Devil Wears Prada) is everything you need in life and I’ve probably watched it like… Idk uncountable times. The documentary gives you an inside look on how the most important issue of the year (September) of the most known magazine (Vogue US) is created. They follow Anna Wintour in her decision-making, and it has me fall in love to see how Grace Coddington is styling all the amazing shoots. MUST WATCH! 

Mademoiselle C 

Mademoiselle C, better known as Carine Roitfeld is all I dream about when thinking about my styling career. The documentary gives you a look of how the first issue of already Iconic CR Fashion Book is created after CR leaves her thrown at Vogue Paris. Full of behind the scenes of amazing fashion stories, and starring fashion’s biggest icons like Karl, Donatella, DVF, Giorgio, JP Gaultier, Ricardo Tisci, Tom Ford, Lara Stone, Linda Evangelista, and the list goes on and on and on.

Bill Cunningham New York 

People often question if women dress up for other women, or for the man they want to impress. The answer is very simple, if you’re living in New York at least. Woman dress up for Bill Cunningham. The 85 year old iconic street style photographer for the New York Times is always dressed in his signature blue jacket and is doing what he does best; taking pictures. A must see if you love street style, and seriously; if Anna Wintour is nervous about wetter or not you’re gonna take her picture, you have seriously accomplished a lot.

Don’t you worry; these 3 are just a tip of the iceberg. I’ll keep you updated with the rest of my go to fashion documentaries!! 

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