Already a little while ago we told you about our go to fashion documentaries. Obviously those 3 aren’t all of our faves, and while Instagram, and now even Snapchat, are giving us a lot of behind the scenes looks into the world we’re all dreaming about, sometimes that just isn’t enough. That’s why we decided it’s time to give you a few new docu and series tips, for hours of watching and dreaming, enjoy! 

Dior and I 

The just released ‘’Dior and I’’ is said to be the most realistic fashion documentaries ever made. You probably guessed it by seeing the name; the docu is about Dior. It shows how the very unexpected Raf Simons took over the brand and blew a breath of fresh air into one of the most famous and iconic fashion houses existing. And while I’ve only seen this one one time yet, I can imagine myself watching it again, and again, and again… 

Scatter my Ashes at Bergdorf’s 

It’s best to watch this documentary in December during the holidays. But who cares, it’s always time for Bergdorf’s! The most famous high fashion department store in the world, located on NYC’s fifth ave is giving you a peek behind the scenes and shows how Linda Fargo is judging and buying new designers, how the INSANE Christmas windows are created, and the cast of this movie is probably the most star studded one of any movie ever created; Lagerfeld, Kors, The Olsen Twins, Louboutin, Armani, Jacobs, Rivers, Richie, Wang, Zoe, De La Renta, Ford, DVF, Blahnik, Apfel. And the best of all; world’s most famous, and hilarious personal shopper Betty Halbreich. 

The Rachel Zoe Project 

Okay, so this definitely obviously isn’t a documentary, and probably everyone reading this has literally at least once seen the RZ Project, but after all the Dior realness it really is time to get your head back in the clouds, and literally, this serie is so maj, it is definitely going to help you with that. Like, shut. The. Front. Door… I’m dying over RZ, like I literally die, and just all 5 seasons of this show are ba-na-nas, MUST WATCH AGAIN!! 

If you think we’re done with adding these to your must watch list; don’t worry. Because in a few weeks we’ll give you a new list of our personal faves!



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