As you all might know, we at MIUSE are not afraid of a bit of art. We have already introduced you to the works of Tamara Lichtenstein and illustrator Judith van den Hoek in our store and blog, but today it’s time for another addition to our list of favourite visual geeks! 

This time it is Italian graphic designer Lino Russo who makes the cut. In his newest series called “Skymetric”, he emphasises on the contrast between the natural and the man-made. 

What does this mean for the pictures? Add up the bluest sky you have ever seen with some sleek minimal architecture and you’ll be visualising an image that could be Russo’s. 

Decontextualising (now that’s a fancy word) his subject in order to alter the natural structure, his works are all completely square, regular and schematic. Now we’ve seen skies like this, we really can’t wait for the Amsterdam weather to turn around anymore…. 

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