If you’re one of the 6.1 million followers of Gucci on Instagram you must have definitely seen the hashtag #GucciGram. ‘’ #GucciGram is a starting point to tell different stories, which are all united by a great freedom. Today creativity is often born and finds it voice in digital media, a vital source of visual culture. ‘’ – Alessandro Michele

We all know that ever since Alessandro Michele took over, Gucci has gone a totally different direction and style and with huge success! I, and many others, have been going absolutely insane over the new collections and am totally obsessed with the new less ‘’in your face’’ Gucci. But as always when a new creative director takes over, there is a big chance (read: 99.9%) of pissing the old clientele off.

Remember when Hedi Slimane took over YSL and kicked Yves out of the Saint Laurent name? The world stopped turning and the fashion community was going crazy cause ‘’how dare he’’ and ‘’who does he think he is’’. In the end it turned out amazing and it made (Y)SL even more successful than it already was. Alessandro however wasn’t planning on taking the risk to start the third world war when taking over the famous Italian house AND printing blooms and caleido patterns on top of the world famous GG monogram.

That’s why he introduced #GucciGram. An Instagram project in which he wanted to show that the traditional beauty of Gucci is already there and can’t be erased, but the impact is heightened with the new aesthetic layered on top of it. Many artists were asked to create an artwork with the old and new Gucci in it, so everybody will understand that it doesn’t matter who’s in charge; Gucci will always stay Gucci.

CREDIT PICTURES_Gucci by Alessandro Michelle


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