We just realised we were so busy… that we forgot to tell you guys we have a brand new, beautiful, eco-friendly beauty wall in our MIUSE concept store! Both my sister and I are huge beauty lovers, so it was natural for us to expand our concept store with delicious beauty products, carefully tested by ourselves.
All the brands which are represented are eco-friendly, smell heavenly, look fab on your bathroom counter (yes that’s very important too!), and really do their work as promised. We have both tested all the products so that we can answer all your questions. And of course, no brand will pass our beauty barrier, unless we have tested it ourselves. 
For now we want to introduce you to these 6 eco-friendly, covetable brands you definitely do not want to miss:

PLANT is hands down the most friendly morning product there is. Nothing beats the heavenly smell of their body washes every morning under the shower, and their body oils right before you go to bed. It wakes you up, leaves your skin soft, and looks really cute.


When Gwyneth Paltrow says she’s a fan of something, you better pay attention, because this self-proclaimed health guru isn’t messing around when it comes to natural products. Only the best will do, and we couldn’t agree more. Rahua hair care is 100% natural, organic cleanser and conditioner for all hair types, and will leave your hair shiny & full of health, while looking darn chic on your bathroom shelf!


Born in Paris in 2008, between Saint Germain des Prés and the Faubourg Saint. The goal? To create a 100% natural and artistic perfume. And boy did Honoré des Prés execute this perfectly! Not only do the perfumes smell fresh, heavenly and unique… did you see the packaging?! No mind the scent… we would just buy it to make our interior look fab.


Finally the fashion and nature gods heard our prayers and gave life to the best nail polish brand on earth! Kure Bazaar is a stylish, French, eco-friendly nail polish brand, created by the talented fashion model Kartika. Not only is the nail polish made-up of 85% natural ingredients, it also dries quickly, has an intense color and is long-lasting.


What started with a small production right out of the kitchen, escalated quickly into what we now know as Formulary 55. All the products are hand made, eco-friendly, smell delicious, and did we mention the very stylish packaging? It looks so damn good, we have a hard time opening and using it. Yes, in life we have to make some tough choices now and then.
The brainchild of Isabelle Masson Mandonnaud (founder of Sephora), channeled her taste and wisdom into a very covetable range of solid stick scents. Stylish packaging, delicious scents and the perfect accessory for your handbag. The perfume sticks from Le Soft Perfume are a true gem.

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