If you’re anything like me, you love food and you love to cook. The problem is time though. People always say you can make time for something you like, but realistically that’s not always true. Some things are just more important than others, no matter how much you love it. 

Just like coming home after a long day and knowing you still have to work that evening. If you’re lucky, your home is clean, otherwise that also has to happen. And somewhere between cleaning, taking a mental pause, being really tired -and if you’re one of the lucky ones- taking care of your kiddies… you also have to cook. And it better be good and healthy because nowadays eating healthy is some kind of a must.

So again if you’re anything like me, coming home after a long day and having to come up with a delicious meal is sometimes like solving E=mc2. Total. Instant. Brain. Freeze. And asking my boyfriend for help is like imaging a new wardrobe full of clothes for free. Impossible. Unless you’re satisfied with the answers “something yummie” or “whatever you like”. So for these moments of utter exhaustion and panic, grab your Foodie Dice and get on with it! 

“Recipes have their place, but they can be restrictive and intimidating. Foodie Dice, on the other hand, encourages you to play with your food! Cooking doesn’t have to be complicated or take a lot of time or skill when you start with whole, seasonal ingredients and a playful spirit.” 

And for those in dire need of some warm happy juice… check out their Mixology Dice, a guide to innovative cocktails. Heaven.

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