When in Lisboa, Portugal, make sure to fetch your medicine at the popular restaurant Pharmacia. Don’t be fooled by the odd interior once you come in, because this restaurant is a place you definitely do not want to miss. It is famous for its tapas, either for lunch or dinner.

The restaurant is located in a 200 year-old building, once owned by a rich family in Portugal, serving them as a family residential. Now the building is used by Portugal’s National Pharmacy Association… stop yawning, because yes, knowing the history of a building does actually make the experience so much better!

Not only is decor of Pharmacia original and pretty awesome, the food and drinks are also an experience. The walls are decorated with old drug store cabinets, which display old vials, books and medicine boxes. Your drinks come in measuring cups, your water and wine bottles are kept cool in ice buckets made of first aid kits, and your olive oil is served in a medicine jar. Chairs and tables are a mix of 50’s and ‘60’s design and plates and dinnerware are an assortment of Portugese craftsmanship. And the cherry on the cake is definitely the delicious cocktails, all names after our favourite medicines (ibuprofen, paracetamol, etc.).

Bet you’re very curious now… well go ahead and browse Pharmacia’s Facebook page!

Restaurante Pharmacia
Rua Marechal Saldanha, 2
Santa Catarina district



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