Ask a fashionista what her first designer handbag was, and a lot of them will say Louis Vuitton. And with that I mean a speedy, duh, what else?! Last year, after 16 years, LV said goodbye to Marc Jacobs and welcomed Nicolas Ghesquière. And if that isn’t enough designer change for one year, they again confused us by announcing 6 amazing collaborations to celebrate Louis’ 160th birthday!

A lot of people find the LV monogram print to be a bit tacky. Mainly because it’s the number 1 fave copied bag for Turkish and Chinese retailers. I do get it a bit, but I have to admit that I just love (almost) every Louis V bag, as long as it’s worn by the right person. And definitely when it’s a limited edition like this collection!

Anyway, with Louis’ 160th birthday coming up, the time was finally here; all designer collaborations where released!

Karl Lagerfeld showed his inner Wang and designed a whole gym collection including a punching bag. Frank Gehry did not only design the gorgeous, massive Louis Vuitton Foundation museum, but he also created a twisted box bag. Cindy Sherman designed a studio in a trunk, with plenty of room for all your make up. Even Kylie Jenner would have enough room to fit everything in, and that says something.

Marc Newson continues the normcore trend with a very cool backpack. Christian Louboutin put the LV print on a shopping trolley (the kind my grandma carries when she goes grocery shopping), but threw on some typical Louboutin spikes, and red sole details, with a very cool result. And last but definitely not least, Rei Kawakubo, a.k.a. Edna Moda from The Incredibles (I’m serious) designed a collection with as eye catcher a tote with holes in it.

All super arty and unique, so if you want your own limited edition 160th birthday Louis V, call 866-VUITTON, prices are on request.

CREDITS PICTURES_Karl Lagerfeld and Frank Gehry for Louis Vuitton Bazaar_Christian Louboutin and Rei Kawakubo for Louis Vuitton_Cindy Sherman and Marc Newson for Louis Vuitton via Harper’s Bazaar



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