Every time I walk into the MIUSE store, the first thing I do is check the amazing photographs by Tamara Lichtenstein. The pictures instantly make me happy, and get me in the perfect USA summer mood. Together with the amazing scent, and music that is. 

The pictures have a super relaxed vibe, and that is mainly because of the super nonchi –omg did you just take a picture- poses of the models. Of course those aren’t as nonchalant as they seem cause let’s be honest; who wears a high-waisted bikini bottom with huge military shoulder pads while walking in front of the Hollywood sign? Right, no one. 

You would expect that all the super cool looking people in pictures are edgy models, but you guessed wrong, because most of the people are Tamara’s friends/family. Yes I know, I’m jealous too. But don’t worry; you can act like you have the same cool friends as Tamara by hanging one of her amazing pictures in your home, and give any room an instant coolness boost. Or even better, have a whole arty wall of just her pictures! 


Still not enough? Than you should follow @tamaralich on Insta, and come by our store to see (read: buy) one of the amazingly cool pictures! 

CREDITS PICTURES_Tamara Lichtenstein via miuse.nl


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