It’s been a while since we updated you with all the latest fashion news, so there were a lot of HUGE things happening. Make sure you’re seated because these hot news items will make you go cray. 

Yes, you’re seeing that right. It’s Cher modeling. We could have known when she walked the MET red carpet together with Marc Jacobs that the two of them were planning something, but no one expected this. As if a campaign with Cher alone isn’t surprising enough, the second model that was revealed was just as unexpected. Singer, straight turned lesbian turned bi, piercings, serious sexual insta pics, weekly controversial stories A.K.A Willow Smith. Willow is 14 years old by the way. 

Alexander McQueen might get his own 20 pound note in the UK. Yes this is serious. The British public has been invited to recommend people of historical significance in visual arts to become the face of the new 20 pound note. McQueen is one of the most popular recommendations. Other popular recommendations are sir Paul McCartney, Keith Richards, and Mick Jagger. And again, yes this is all serious and really happening. 

Men’s Fashion weeks has left us with a new trend. Cut outs. For Men. Well okay, it’s not that surprising since a lot of women trends eventually also take over men’s fashion, just as crop tops for men are kind of becoming a thing. But here it is, the reason why I find this so shocking: The cut outs are in the tooshie and nipple area. Already 5(!) designers have showed this trend so who knows, maybe next summer we’ll all be walking around like this. So what’s the next thing going to be?


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