A LOT happened the past few weeks, so fasten your seat belts because this is going to be a wild ride. Every time when writing a newsflash there is one thing we all can be sure off; there is at least one thing Kendall Jenner going on. Whether she’s becoming the face of something, or does a controversial photo shoot, Kendall is always in the picture. No exception this time, because besides staring in Vogue’s April issue with a few of her famous friends (Gigi, JB, Ansel), Calvin Klein also announced Kendall to be the new face of the #mycalvins Denim Series! Wow those CK stores are going to look good with pictures of Kendall, JB, AND Lara Stone in them. 


Next; Georgia May Jagger teamed up with none other than Minnie Mouse. GMJ confesses she’s been obsessed with Minnie her whole life, and loves her fashion style that includes over 200 Minnie outfits. The supermodel / photographer is creating a photographic installation for a new exhibition during London Fashion Week in September. She’s shooting pictures herself, but also wants our help! So if you happen to have a cute Minnie picture, just hash tag it #minniestyleuk and Georgia may use it (yes, that was pun intended). 


Why change a wining formula?! Uhhh formulaS I mean, cause what do you do when you have one success after another, and want to get an even bigger success? Right, combine the previous successes. And that’s exactly what Karl Lagerfeld did for the Chanel Cruise, that is the Salzburg Métiers d’art, PLUS the amazing movie with Cara and Pharell combined. While all your fave models/actors/reality stars/singers where on a cruise on the Hudson river, Pharell AND Cara song their CC the world song, and the Métiers d’art Salzburg clothes where shown. You’ve outdone yourself Karl! 

Of course that was not all going on these weeks. Valentino yet again released new Zoolander images, Dior released a movie, France got a law against too skinny models, Tom Ford is working on a thriller with George Clooney, Marc Jacobs announced he’s going to stop with Marc by Marc Jacobs, Peter Dundas was appointed as the new creative director for Roberto Cavalli, and the list goes on, and on, and on. Stay tuned!


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