With fashion month just around the corner, the bags almost packed and the tickets printed, it is time to look at what is actually going to happen these upcoming weeks. We’ll hook you up with all the things you need to know to mingle with the fashion crowds and to make this month a good one. is now Vogue runway

Wait, what? no longer exists? But why? Conde Nast, owner of the website and also publisher of Vogue decided to pull back the website after 15 years of runway coverage. As an extra, Vogue will launch an e-commerce next to the usual runway shows. All the other content, such as the articles, has moved with to the normal Vogue website. What does this mean? We’re not sure yet. As there is nothing for sale at the website yet, all we can do is wait. And in the mean time we will take a look at all these runway images of the newest collections. To be continued…

Alex Wang says goodbye to Balenciaga

It’s been some time since Alex told the world about his split-up with mega luxury house Balenciaga, but in a few weeks this era (okay, two years) will really end. Right now everyone is curious what he will come up with for his last show for the French fashion house. However, Alex did make us happy at some point. The designer who never finished fashion school is re-launching his 10 biggest sales successes. And guess what, they’re all black. ‘Cause let’s be honest, black never goes out of fashion.

The Row goes to Paris

Paris? Yes, Paris! Just a day after the New York minute twins cancelled their NYFW show, word came out about another show in another capital. Why? Nobody knows. What we do know however, is that the previous time they pulled this move, it was a huge success. Oh, and now that we’re talking about the twins anyway, we might as well tell you about the fact that their label Elizabeth & James, named after the other two Olsens, is now back in the hands of Ashley and Mary-Kate after eight years. We’re excited to see what the designers will do with this label and if it’s going to be just as successful as The Row! Now that your fully updated, your suitcase is packed and you’re ready to go, there’s only one thing left to do: enjoy fashion week! (Even if you’re just like me and won’t come closer to a show than a live stream can bring you. A girl can dream, right?)



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