It’s pretty obvious that besides designing two prêt-à-porter collections, two haute couture collections, a métier d’art collection, and a movie for Chanel, 4 collections for Fendi, having a own fashion label, photographing and directing photo shoots for almost every magazine, and releasing a coffee table book together with Carine Roitfeld, (and that all in one year) Karl Lagerfeld’s life is a bit empty. So what do you do when your name is Karl Lagerfeld and you have plenty more time? Duh, you make a movie!


Karl wanted to create a movie as a teaser for his métier d’art collection inspired by Salzburg. Two months ago we already told you about a Cara D and Pharell collaboration, but we didn’t know it also involved Chanel, KL, and Geraldine Chaplin. You don’t have to study rocket science to know that a movie with this group of people will be a guaranteed masterpiece.

The film is called Reincarnation and shows the history of the most iconic existing fashion item; the Chanel jacket. To make it all even more exiting not only Pharell, but also Cara is singing the specially made song called CC The World. Let’s not waste too many words on this, just watch and be amazed:

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