The velvet hype is full on and I’m definitely on the velvet boat. Not only is it soft and has a luxurious feel, it always looks fab. Now, where it’s fairly easy to add this style to your interior (a velvet couch is always a good idea, but if that’s a bit too much for you, try a velvet chair, or if you’re really a chicken… just buy a velvet pillow), adding it to your fashion ensemble may prove to be a bit difficult.


So to help you on your way (no one wants you looking like a walking couch), take some cues from these street style fashionistas. The easiest is an awesome velvet blazer. No matter the color, it’s always fab. A little step further is mixing up your daily outfit with a velvet shirt (I’m dying for the blue one above). The pro’s amongst us can go velvet crazy and opt for a long velvet skirt or even a dress. To tone it a bit down, you can always wear a sweater on top.

Still a bit scared of this daring trend? No worries, just go for a velvet accessory (bag, shoes or scarf) and wear it with pride.



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