VIRTUAL INSIDER – Fashion week edition

Today it’s New York, next week it’s London, and after that, Milan and Paris will be in my mind. Why? Well, it’s fashion week, or should I say: month! Unfortunately, I can only dream of parading the streets of the city that never sleeps. But no worries, thanks to my favourite Instagram accounts I am still there: virtually! 


Make-up artist Pat Mcgrath works for, well, everyone? Her Instagram account is good for some serious beauty inspiration, but also features shots of NY that make me want to jump on the first plane to JFK. If only… 


The ultimate fashion website also has the ultimate fashion Instagram. No surprise, yet this website’s Instagram feed is filled with beautiful images and tons of inspiration. Not only do they feature streetstyle, no, they are also sharing tons of detailed post of accessories. I have started making my wishlist already… 


The Instagram of the website that solely focuses on the business of fashion, is less “business” than the name might tell. Expect backstage shots of models, catwalk clips and location shots. It’s almost as if we are there too…. 


Miss Gigi Hadid, also known as a supermodel and Kendal Jenner’s BFF, has an Instagram that we could see as the portrayal of the American dream. When not walking or shooting for a major brand, Miss Hadid is quite the socializer and likes to party with her equally beautiful friends. Can we exchange lives for one day, please?


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