We’ve already told you about our absolute fave fw15 ads that give us major outfit inspiration for the fall. But that wasn’t all, there were many many other designers that you can’t miss. Remember Givenchy’s campaign with Julia Roberts and without professionally done hair and makeup? We never thought Givenchy’s Ricardo Tisci would be able to find an even more controversial model, but of course he did. We present: Donatella Versace

According to Ricardo Donatella is his ultimate inspiration, and Donatella herself felt like all the big fashion rivals should support each other, starting with herself. 

One word: OBSESSED It seems like Topshop is working on having everybody from the ‘’famous-it-girl-instagram-besties-for-life’’ crew in their ads. Or are they just working down the list of Taylor Swift’s Bad Blood music video? 

Anyway, after Cara, Hailey, Kendall and Kylie it’s Gigi Hadid’s turn to model for the popular British retailer. 

I think it’s pretty obvious you yourself are looking hot like shit after all this inspiration, now the only thing left to do is dress your man so you both make people turn their head on the streets. 

But don’t you worry; we are not giving you major options for his wardrobe (you need all the time to edit your own). No, it’s very simple for him: he is wearing Tom Ford. No discussion. Done. Period. The end. 

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