Streetfood & snacks


Quick meals on the run usually have a bad reputation for being greasy and heavy, with no nutritional value ... But not more! Current street food is freshly prepared: delicious meat lying on colorful salads, flavored with spicy herbs and accompanied by crisp seasonal vegetables ...

This book shows what is possible with pastries, sandwiches, burgers, toast, bagels, and much more. You have the choice of recipes from around the world that are suitable for home and travel, for chic receptions, or for the next trendy party. You will find classics such as bruschetta, hot dogs, club sandwich and real croque monsieur, but also the Japanese katsu sando sandwich or Danish smørrebrødvariaties, as well as fine salmon canapés, homemade sausages, Mexican quesadillas and Zapiekanki from Poland. Munch away!

Language: Dutch

Dimensions: 27x249x200 mm

216 pages 



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